Travel Guide: Through the Andean Mountains in Ecuador

This summer, I visited Ecuador for the first time. I didn’t expect to be so spectacular in many ways: amazing landscape, diverse culture, and the most friendly people in Latin American I have ever met.

Argentina and Peru are considered as the top destinations in South America. While I love both very much, this article will give you a glimpse into what it is like to travel through the Andean mountain in Ecuador, and inspire you to add this to your bucket list!

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Avoid Your Own Blind Spot

I met Dan Rasmuson, the up-and-coming young CTO of Labelbox through First Round Fast Track, a 90-day program that matches tech veterans with First Round-backed founders and execs for 1–1 mentorship.

During our first meeting in the Mission District, Dan’s first question was “How do I avoid my own blind spot?”. To be honest, this surprised me because I very much expected Dan to ask for guidance related to product growth, adoption and hiring talents — things that I have been asked very frequently.

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Between the Wires: An interview with data visualization scientist Irene Ros

I interviewed Irene Ros, who is the founding Director of Data Visualization at Bocoup where she has led visualization projects with partners like Google, The Guardian, The World Economic Forum, and Harvard Medical School (HMS) LINCS Center. Irene is also the Founder and Program Co-Chair of OpenVis Conf, a 2-day single-track conference about data visualization on the Open Web, entering its 5th year.

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Purposeful Design for User Permission

I love mobile design because it’s full of constraints. Those constraints force us to think carefully about how and when we present information to the user, and what questions we ask, leading the user to hopefully make the selection we want.

At Chop, we went through three design iterations with a few user testings in between, before we released the first version in October. The consumer mobile app is much less forgiving compared to web apps that often have very iterative processes. This is also the first mobile design and development experience for me, and I was very keen on delivering the experience that I would want as a user.

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Why Chop

I wished more places offered the Starbucks commerce experience, and I marveled at how e-commerce and the cloud had transformed the way we did almost everything. From shopping to traveling, the internet eliminated single points of failure, and streamlined clunky processes. But there was one place where it still fell short: retail.

We are all carrying around pocket supercomputers that are more powerful than the servers that used to run e-commerce sites. Why then, can’t we use our phones to have an Amazon-like experience at our favorite cafés or stores, without waiting?

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Fast and Fluid Infinite List with React Native

Infinite List, Windowed List, and RecyclerView are not new. In fact, their ideas are rather simple: render only what’s visible from the user’s viewport, recycle all item view instances with a smart backing data store, and progressively re-render dirtied items based on the scroll position delta. But details matter, and it’s not often done efficiently, regardless of platforms.

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