I am am a photographer, entrepreneur, advisor, writer and spirits aficionado.

I am based in San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in editorial portraits and travel photography; I also have a passion in cocktail and spirits. After a long and successful career in tech, I give back by advising and coaching startup founders.

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, my childhood dream was to become a journalist. I moved to the United States with my parents and went on with a successful engineering career in Silicon Valley for the last 15 years. Growing up in an engineering-centric family, the science major was a logical choice since I excelled in math. But I have wondered about what my life would have been if I had chosen the other path.

I rediscovered my love for storytelling through my camera in recent years and have since started to pursue a career in photography. My images focus on people, culture, the human connections, whether it is from local Bay Area or from the far away. My hope is to capture the special moments to treasure, to inspire new journeys with curiosity, and to connect with each other.

Clients Include:

Congac USA

Four Seasons San Francisco

Norlan Whisky Glass


Fernet Branca

Exhibitions include:

[2018] PhotoPlace Gallery: Travel: Places and Faces

[2019] PhotoCentral Spring Show